I’ve tried twice to clarify a question to @bep and I’m not sure how I’m failing to ask the question in a clear way:

I’d be grateful for advice on what I’m missing in these two issues…

I don’t see why piping text through markdownify should fail when there’s no HTML - just return the plain text…

I’m sure I’m missing something but I just can’t see what…

It’s a pilot error.

From one of your snippets:

<p class="pace-lead">{{ .Params.reason3Text | markdownify }}</p>

You have at least one content file what does not have reason3Text in its front-matter.

So .Params.reason3Text is nil or “nothing”, and that’s being passed as argument to markdownify, and thus:

wrong number of args for markdownify: want 1 got 0

So how do you solve this?

with is your friend.

Do something along the lines of:

{{ with .Params.reason3Text }}
    <p class="pace-lead">{{ . | markdownify }}</p>
{{ end }}
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Incredibly helpful @kaushalmodi !

Just committed that change - thanks!

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