First paragraph with markdownify not being wrapped with <p> tag

Hi, I think this is a bug, but not 100% sure.

I’m trying to markdownify a .Params in my, but the first paragraph gets outside the <p></p> in the rendered code.

this is my frontmatter:

  title = "test title"
  description = """

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Labore, dolorum nesciunt. Amet aperiam ducimus expedita temporibus nemo corporis provident at iste, quidem accusantium nobis possimus nulla consectetur debitis. Atque, dolorem.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Ut expedita architecto omnis non sunt, debitis molestiae sit officiis, soluta illum quibusdam culpa labore nihil, et alias deserunt odit natus dicta.

1. list
2. list
3. list
4. list

and with this code:

{{ range .Params.highlight }}
    <div class="block">
      <h3>{{ .title }}</h3>
      {{ markdownify .description  }}
  {{ end }}

it renders as the screenshot:

the first line gets ignored and the <p> tag is rendered empty after it. the second one works just fine. I tried everything I could think of, “”, “\n”, indentation, etc.

is this a bug? can someone help?

thank you,

ok, I just found out that this is a known issue because the markdownify function was modified to strip the p tags for the inline usage in the frontmatter.

the problem comes if you use a multiline syntax, like the one used in my example in the opening post, that will lead to a series of bugs.

here is the reference issue in github