Markdownify not working on Content field

I have an .md document like the below:

updated: "2020-10-27T06:24:29.428Z"
createdAt: "2020-10-27T06:24:29.428Z"
date: "2020-10-27T06:24:29.428Z"
title: "Testing 123"
unordered lists    
- Oddjob
- James: Bond
- **The:** Cat

Ordered List

1. Oddjob
2. James: Bond
3. **The:** Cat

# Title 1

## Title 2

When I use {{ .Content | markdownify }} the content field totally disappears from screen. If I remove |markdownify then the content returns, albiet not formatted correctly for ol,uls. The content is fine when I use markdownify on the Title (it doesn’t contain any markdown actually - just plain text).

How can I debug what the issue is here?

Can you share a repo, or a snippet of generated code?

I suspect that the issue is CSS and styling, not with Hugo itself. .Content is already treated as markdown and output accordingly, markdownify is meant to treat front matter (or data) fields as markdown when building the site.

Thanks, I figured it out. Am pulling content from contentful and it’s butchering the markdown! Cheers.