Issue with closing paragraphs

I haven an issue where hugo doesn’t appear to be closing paragraphs after doing a markdownify. However, I can’t figure out exactly why or when it happens.

I have this code:

{{ .content | markdownify }}
{{ partial "home/buttons.html" .buttons }}

Where .content is some normal content (no special html or anything) and buttons is:

{{ range . }}
<a href="{{ .url | relURL }}">
    <div class="ui huge primary button">{{ .text }} <i class="right arrow icon"></i></div>
{{ end }}

I.e. nothing particularly exciting.

This is an example output of the previous code:

<p>We automate both.</p>

<p>Talk to us and well show you how.

<a href="/website/contact">
    <div class="ui huge primary button">Contact <i class="right arrow icon"></i></div>

I say I don’t know when it happens, because sometimes it renders ok when I preview it locally. But sometimes it doesn’t. And all I do is resave a file or add a newline or something silly like that.

Does anyone know of any outstanding issues with markdownify and closing tags or paragraphs? I’m going to try a previous version.

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.29 darwin/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-10-02T17:19:28+02:00


I assume you mean .Content not .content but I don’t think you need the markdownify in there. Can you try without and see what results you get?

I updated to 0.29 and it’s not happening any more. Possibly something to do with 0.26.