{{ .Content }} doesn't show text (Single Page)

Hello, after update Hugo to the latest version the content doesn’t show. This is my content file:

layout 			= "blog_single_tpl"

## Meta
description		= "Description"
title			= "Title"

## Date
date			= "2020-03-03T00:00:00+03:00"

## Short data
short_title		= "Short title"
short_description = "Short text"
short_img 		= "from-a-small-startup-to-one-of-the-worlds-top-ten-service-providers/lg.jpg"
short_img_big	= "from-a-small-startup-to-one-of-the-worlds-top-ten-service-providers/lg_big.jpg"
category		= ["Hosting"]
is_wp			= 0
is_case			= 0

<p>test content</p>

Hi there,

This is not enough information for us to be able to help you. Please post your site code repo.

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Your content is html and not markdown. So you have to add an unsafe option to goldmark.
Have a look here: https://gohugo.io/getting-started/configuration-markup/#config

I added to the config this code and everything OK now! Thank you!

defaultMarkdownHandler = “goldmark”
unsafe = true

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