Lyra search for Hugo


I created a Github repository to share the simplest search engine (and yet powerful and lightweight) for Hugo via (Lyra search, becoming Orama).

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi, do you have any experience or subjective opinion about the performance/search results of Lyra compared to other search engines used with hugo, for example Lunr?

Hi, I have no comparison yet.
But I tried Lyra for lightweight and yet powerful full text search.

Lunr is slow and consumes a lot of memory.

I’ll try Flexsearch soon: GitHub - nextapps-de/flexsearch: Next-Generation full text search library for Browser and Node.js

Have a look a fuse: GitHub - zwbetz-gh/hugo-client-side-search-template: A lightweight, fuzzy, client-side search template for Hugo
by @zwbetz

And Pagefind:

I like Flexsearch and have built in support for it in my Zen theme. For smaller datasets it is fast and stable. Not tested it on large data sets.

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Thanks, I wanted to do a hugo integration of pagefind but haven’t had the time for it yet. I’ll soon need to add search for a doc site with several hundreds of pages, so I’ll need something that’s better than lunr.

Rewrote as a module to improve Lighthouse score.

I found this to be a very good and simple solution for my search needs. But I did some edits to make it work with multilingual versions of my site. It seems all the search solutions on this forum need to be duplicated to achieve this.

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