Loses theme styling when "hugo server" not running

Hi. When I want to deploy to my server, it looks like the styling is being lost.

To build, I run hugo --theme=<themename>

If I run a separate http process in that folder (e.g. python3 -m http.server 1000) I get the rendered site, but with no styling. I’ve tried actually rsyncing it up to an actual web server with the same result.

If I run hugo server --theme=<themename> and browse to that site, it shows up styled as expected. Just to be sure, if I point the browser at the python web server running that folder (while hugo server is running), it shows up styled. When I stop hugo server and refresh the view looking at the python-served site, the styling disappears. This feels like one of those noob mistakes with a simple fix, but I’m not finding it.

I’ve tried it with a couple of themes, Hyde and Shiori with the same result.

I’m running Ubuntu Mate 14.04. LTS

hugo version gives me:
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.14-DEV BuildDate: 2015-02-28T08:10:18-06:00

A link to a public repo would make it easier to spot the mistake.

If not you can start with posting the output of

hugo config

It’s not in a public repo at this point. Config as follows (with redactions):
archetypedir = "archetypes" author = "Bob Cxxxxxxx" baseurl = "http://yourSiteHere/" blackfriday = &{AngledQuotes:false Fractions:true PlainIdAnchors:false Extensions:[]} builddrafts = false buildfuture = false cachedir = "/tmp/hugo_cache/" canonifyurls = false contentdir = "content" datadir = "data" defaultextension = "html" defaultlayout = "post" disablelivereload = false disablerss = false disablesitemap = false footnoteanchorprefix = "" footnotereturnlinkcontents = "" ignorecache = false languagecode = "en-us" layoutdir = "layouts" metadataformat = "toml" newcontenteditor = "" paginate = 10 paginatepath = "page" params = map[author_name:Bob Cxxxxxxx twitter_username:mostlybob gravatar_id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] permalinks = map[] pluralizelisttitles = true publishdir = "public" pygmentsstyle = "monokai" pygmentsuseclasses = false sitemap = {ChangeFreq: Priority:-1} staticdir = "static" taxonomies = map[tag:tags category:categories] title = "Working Blog" uglyurls = false verbose = false watch = false workingdir = "/home/bob/Projects/blogs/hugo/shiori"

Is this the correct base url to your http server?

No. I wondered about that. I’ll fix that & give it a whirl. Thanks!