Static site generated but without the expected style

Hi there,

I’m discovering Hugo. I’m currently trying to generate the static version of my site in the public dir with the hugo command. The files appear to be generated, but when I open index.html in a browser the style of the theme is not applied (it’s basically the default black Times font on a white background, for instance).

However there’s no issue when I run ‘hugo server’, the site shows up correctly in the browser.

If needed, the test site that I’m using is at GitHub - erwanm/hugoattempt.

I’m probably missing obvious… Any help appreciated!


This is expected. If you want to preview your site locally, run hugo server.

As Joe said, you need to either run hugo server to preview locally, or host the site to view it live.

Oh ok, great then!
I thought I made a mistake :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for clarifying!

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