Live Server not work, build yes


I have rebuilt my website with Hugo which has worked very well to my amazement. So it’s very pleasant to work with Hugo.

But now I have the first problem I can’t understand at all.

When I start the Hugo server I only get a blank page without CSS and only the header is visible, all the subpages do not work. I always get 404. But if I let Hugo create the page, it’s all right. The pages will be displayed as they should be.

I don’t understand why, maybe become a advice. I have loaded the website on GitHub so that can take a nice look.

Thank you for help and wish nice day.


Hi there, any reason to create another static folder inside static folder?

Hugo works fine after I create css folder, but the page wont have any style because there is no layout.css in your static>>css folder. So the problem could be from css folder and the file layout.css

Try changing your baseurl in

It should be your domain name, not localhost. Although from re-reading your problem, not sure this is the cause of your issues.


Hi, thanks for help. Yes the static folder is important because it will be so on the live server at end. All files like css, images and so on will includes with /static/, that’s the reason.


Hi thank you for helping. THe domain name is only important for build at end not for hugo server -D -v .

When I understand right, but at end I change only for me to test the build page. When I set Domain then I can not test local anymore.



so after reading and see some tutorial on youtube I have set _index.(lang).md in the blog directory and now it should be worked again. I be not sure is right but it’s worked now.