Literature Information System

Trying to get my large pdf/epub collection in order, I am thinking about using hugo as an annotation system. The ideas are

  • use categories as unique identifiers (e.g. “@knuth2011” would be a category) and then using a subfolder e.g. /content/bib for storing the publication specific data (metadata like title, author, etc and the pdf/epub itself)
  • use tags (e.g. “tex” would be a tag) and then using a subfolder e.g. /content/post for storing notes I made on one or more pdfs.

What do you think of this idea? Anyone doing something similar?

Karsten W … not Warholm :slight_smile:

I think your general approach is sound.

Thinking quickly, I would probably

  • Organise these first into folders (which would eventually be Hugo sections)
  • Have a look at the cascade keyword for section wide metadata.
  • Supplement it all with tags.

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