List inside list


I was wondering if it’s possible to have a list in a list with Hugo.

Currently I have this :


What I would want is something like this :


I want to be able when I click on the list item html, I end up in a new list of courses for html.

Is this possible with Hugo? It seems that it’s only possible to go one level deep.

I stumbled on this issue that says it’s in the 0.21 release (which released 7 days ago). I can’t find anywhere in the docs where they talk about ranging content with two levels.


Currently not supported, but it will be fairly soon, once I get it done.


Thank you for the reply! This feature will make a lot of people happy it seems :slight_smile:

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I don’t currently need it, so for me it’s just work and some more grey hair.

I understand, I really appreciate you adding this despite not needing it!