Liquid Support?

Is there any chance Hugo will get Liquid language support? I am new to Hugo but I find Liquid a much easier to use language than Go with better documentation. Any chance we can get Liquid in Hugo? I bet almost any Jekyll user on the planet would change over.

I would say: Not likely, but who knows. It will not happen in the near future, that I can say.

While not on-topic with your original question per say, is there something in particular we could help with?

As in, “I can do x in Liquid, but don’t know how to do x in Go Templates”.

it is more from a beginner point of view. The Go language overall is just not as user-friendly as Liquid. My opinion anyway.

You’re talking about Go Template, which, I agree, is different from most of the Template Language out there (Liquid included). It takes a bit of time to get the hang of it, but once you master it, you’ll find it very convenient.

Because Go Template will be 99% of what you code in Hugo, a lot of questions in the discourse are about it which means a lot of answers are already here. And if it’s not here, ask away, don’t be shy, everybody had a hard time getting around it!


Thanks so much. Just learning.

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I remember from Jekyll conversations a long time ago is that Liquid was partly to blame for Jekyll’s slow build times. That may have improved, but I’d bet it’s not going to be as efficient as Go.

I think Ruby is the main reason for slow builds. Cant really use on a client website. I build sites for clients and not myself. Jekyll seems a bit more used for sites maintained locally with no CMS