Links not working and posts not appearing

Hello guys,

I have set up a webserver with a domain that refers to it’s IP:

mywebserver.hoster IP:XXX
mydomain --> XXX --> mywebserver.hoster

So when I access the mydomain I see my Hugo Page but when I click on any links it appears as mywebserver.hoster/about instead of mydomain/about even though I changed the base url to mydomain

Also I created a new post via hugo new posts/ and changed the draft value to false but I still can’t access the page and it doesn’t appear on the main page.

Any ideas how to fix this?

The debug info says it’s building my sites but it’s obviously not appearing right :// can’t even acces the Books 2021 page and the First Post page is outdated too

Hello guys, I fixed it myself :slight_smile:

For anyone struggling the same: I fixed the building bug by adding in the Hugo config file
publishDir = "/var/www/html"
to link to the Document Root of my Apache Server

Have a great week

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