Lean framework for Hugo sites

I don1t but I plan to test it, thanks for the tip. He kind of kills it with that horrible red colour on his own product page, but the framework looks solid. I love its strong focus on typography, in my eyes the most important part.

I would use it for a new project, if I find a way to create a decent navigation.

First of All - You can use the framework you like the most.
I prefer Susy. Megatype and Gulp with postcss. Thats it.

But you can choose every Framework, build your site and use it with hugo.

Hi there,

I love bulma a css framework with flexbox support.

So i create this theme : it’s a simple and a responsive Hugo theme that offers a traditional blog mixed with a landing page designed to bootstrap your front end project!.

Here the GitHub Project Link: https://github.com/jeblister/bulma

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I use the Gutenberg framework now in one of my sites.

I am very happy with the readability but the navigation I implemented sucks.

Tachyons: best ever.