Upgrade from .20 to 0.5

Hi, I have been away a few months and just come back to Hugo and was trying to update a site previously build on version 20 - I see there is a whole new ‘hugo’ and what i have installed in v0.50

My site says it built 13 pages but hasn’t built any html files, lots or WARN 2018/11/03 10:28:32 [en] Unable to locate layout for “home”: type messages

I’m sure there must be a ‘how to upgrade’ or ‘common issues on upgrade’ - but can you steer me there?

We need to see a repository with the source code of your Hugo site.

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Thanks, however I solved my own issue - it was because I’d forgotten my own build process

After git pulling I also need to run
git submodule update --init
git submodule update --recursive --remote

to download the theme

Just old age and memory!!

p.s. Perhaps the error reporting should include

Your rendered home page is blank: /index.html is zero-length

  • Did you specify a theme on the command-line or in your
    “config.toml” file? (Current theme: “hugo-strata-theme”)
  • Is your theme folder empty because you forgot to get it downloaded- you dingbat