Keywords not rendered correct

When I set my Keywords like this:

keywords: how to,howto,tutorial

They will render like this:

<meta name=keywords content="how44to,howto,tutorial">

So a whitespace is rendered as “44” which makes no sense to me. Is there someone who can enlighten me, or explain?

I would like it to redner like this:

<meta name=keywords content="how to,howto,tutorial">

(Without the “44”)

Please show the template code that generates the <meta> element.

Thanks for the fast response.

<meta name="keywords" content="{{ delimit .Page.Params.Keywords ',' }}">

markdown (keywords should be slice not string)

  - how to
  - howto
  - tutorial

template (use double quotes or backticks to define a string; do not use single quotes)

<meta name="keywords" content="{{ delimit .Keywords "," }}">

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Thanks, that did the trick. I must get used to this type of listing but thats ok.

Thank you!

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