Markdown quotes on YAML frontmatter

Hi there,

I’m not thoroughly familiar with this, so this is most likely a simple issue to resolve.

I have a custom module that is configured in the params.yaml file something like this

  enable: true
  title: Just the title
  content: >
    This is *markdown* text.

    > This was supposed to be a quote.

On the template, I’m simply using markdownify

{{ .Site.Params.intro.content | markdownify }}

Most of the basic markdown works, such as the italic. However, the quote doesn’t seem to work for some reason, if the content comes from a configuration param.

Can anyone offer any insights? Pretty sure this is going to be a basic thing…

With your YAML and template code I get this when I view source in the browser, typically Ctrl+U.

<p>This is <em>markdown</em> text.</p>
<p>This was supposed to be a quote.</p>

Hmm you’re right… don’t know why I didn’t think of checking the HTML first… backend developer brain, I guess.

Then it’s a styling issue, as it’s not displaying as a markdown quote. The problem is elsewhere…

Thanks for the quick hint @jmooring.

Yup… styling issue… thanks for the hint once again!

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