Keep Hugo Emails out of your spam folder


Make sure to add to your contacts so that emails from the site don’t go into your spam folder.



Not sure which email infrastructure being used, but if your emails (transactional or bulk) aren’t making it into people’s inboxes…might be time to consider switching.

I’m the Principal Developer Advocate for SparkPost ( We give you 10K emails/month for free and it is built upon the same powerful email platform (Momentum by Message Systems) being used by: Groupon, Twitter, Apple, Salesforce.

If you’re interested, sign for an invite and ping me when you do. I can help get things moving for you. Be well. :slight_smile:


Google’s also launched a service, Gmail Postmaster Tools to help prevent legitimate emails from being flagged as spam - might be helpful. More info.


Thanks, good to know.


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