Job Offer - Hugo Web Developer

Nuxeo is looking for a web developer/designer to migrate our website from Wordpress to Hugo, and to clean CSS and HTML Structure. The candidate will also have to build some new pages and integrations.

may be this project can help u a little :

@jallouch Can you tell/PM me more about the position? Timelines, scope (if this has been sussed out), budget, etc? Thanks!

@rdwatters We haven’t decided on a budget, but we’re completely ready to discuss it. Timeline is for asap :), we expect this to take between 2 to 4 weeks for initial work (with help on our side), and then ongoing regular maintenance/improvements (if possible).
Scope: move to huge, clean/structure HTML5 (to get clean pages), define templates, create theme, content migration (we can help on this, markdown for posts and simple pages, HTML for others), setup staging/deployment scripts (build, push).
Goal: use git as backend to push structure and content changes together (as they are really tights), easy staging, delivery performance, clean final HTML structure

So you’re looking for a redesign as well? I ask because you’re running a really large amount of scripts/jq plugins on your site currently and the total site is clocking in at hundreds of assets (just did a quick wget). Content owners, editors, or updates are okay with creating future content in markdown?

Also, by “clean” HTML do you mean you want to improve the semantics of your markup for SEO, rework your CSS classes, or…?

  • Content editor would create the content in:
  • HTML for complex pages (home page, product page, etc.)
  • markdown for “standard” pages: blog posts, events, etc.
  • Clean HTML: be able to create content in HTML without it being a misery :-). So have a documented set of classes to use and mix for each type or style.
  • Redesign: not really, we want to keep the design more or less as it is, but redo/refactor the CSS/JS because it’s not usable easily. By usable easy, we expect to be able to create this type of page (products/content-management-platform) by using a simple css grid and proper classes for each type of section. If need more a little embedded CSS in the page should let us tune the page.

Right now: many useless scripts and resources loaded by WP plugins, HTML isn’t clean enough (as in not mix CSS and JS in the middle of the page), etc.