Issues with hugo module dependency version resolution

I’m trying to go for a modular website. This is the project structure:

site (module)
  - theme (module)
    - bootstrap (module)
    - svg icon system (module)

Now, my svg-icon-system module depends on FontAwesome version 5.15.4 as is shown in the module’s go.mod.

When I do hugo mod graph in my theme folder, I get:

❯ hugo mod graph

which is as expected.

However, when I do hugo mod graph in my website folder, I get:

go get: added v0.0.0-00010101000000-000000000000
hugo: downloading modules …
go get: added v5.1.3+incompatible
go get: added v4.7.0+incompatible
hugo: collected modules in 6262 ms

I find this really weird. I don’t know how it is resolving the v4.7.0 even when the svg-icon-system module clearly depends on another version.

My website and theme are quite bare-bones, with the following configs:

    - path:
// site/go.mod

go 1.17

replace => ../hugo-yoru

require ( v4.7.0+incompatible // indirect v0.0.0-00010101000000-000000000000 // indirect v5.1.3+incompatible // indirect
    - path:
    - path: