Hugo Bootstrap Icon Module not displaying

Hello, everyone.

I need your help. I am trying to use Hugo modules for the first time and I followed this tutorial but my icon is not showing.

I am trying to display an icon here:
{{ with resources.Get "icons/camera.svg" }}

I have generated both go.mod and go.sum files using this command
hugo mod init

This is my go.mod file:

go 1.16

require ( v5.0.1+incompatible // indirect v1.5.0 // indirect

And this is my go.sum file: v5.0.1+incompatible h1:XW1ZMrcg2ZTTQFKtE/i5HUagYsAao/hqfN30dJeBpVk= v5.0.1+incompatible/go.mod h1:fZTSrkpSf0/HkL0IIJzvVspTt1r9zuf7XlZau8kpcY0= v1.5.0 h1:mFxEKeYHAaWdtp6mQiKct8biCqCO2G87EAhF3skpRvU= v1.5.0/go.mod h1:GnRlymgVWp5iVJCMa0Me5b6tFyGpVc2bSxPMRGIJmyA=

And this is my config.toml file:

    path = ""
    source = "icons"
    target = "assets/icons"

Thank you for your help.


The link throws a 404. Can you make it live?
It is difficult to see why the icons are not found without seeing the setup of your project.

Hello thank you for your response. I have now made the repo public

Hi there. The icon is now displaying. I restarted the server multiple times and cleared the browser cache

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