Hugo module for using an SVG icon system(incl. FontAwesome)

A while back, I shared my method of using an SVG icon system in Hugo. Using an inline SVG icon system with Hugo

I was testing out Hugo modules and decided to modularise this method of injecting icons so that it would be easier to use is across different themes and websites.
It doesn’t have any NPM dependencies. Though it only has Font Awesome 5 support by default, you can use any SVG icon set there is online, or with any custom SVG, with this module.

Here’s the module:

Hope this helps you in making more awesome and efficient websites.


Awesome, thank you!
I’m looking forward to test this


Great stuff. Simple ideas are the best but not always obvious till someone is doing it.
Thx a lot for sharing.

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The module has now been moved to GitHub - UtkarshVerma/hugo-modules: Collection of Hugo modules which I use and develop..

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