Issues translating static website to hugo

Hello. I’m having a lot of issues trying to convert my website to hugo and i think is due to wrong paths and folders.

I’m new at hugo, tried to build as many things as i could on my own, but at this point i need help.

What works offline:

homepage / All menu tabs / click on logo goes back to homepage / buttons on homepage / list page on all tabs / single page / next and previous buttons (i’m having a weird css bug on the last page with the buttons at the right and end of article – page 1, 2 and 3 the buttons show as expected but in page 4 it doesn’t and i have no idea why) / on click on search button opens a search pop up / back to top / head and footer / 404page / images show correctly

The repository:

What does not work online:

Single page does not show / the css and javascript for the search button are not working

What i can’t implement:

I was able to implement lazy loading and lightbox on my static website ( the repository → Now i’ve tried a lot of differente ways and i can’t make it work with hugo. Same goes for lazy loading and the search.



Lazy loading:

Any help is welcomed. Thank you in advance.

I’m sorry to hear all the troubles you experience with your Hugo website!

But I don’t know how to respond to your post. You ask so many things that I don’t see where to start replying.

I also don’t know what you ask for. You mention you cannot implement lazy loading (which I get), but you link to a page that explains lazy loading in detail including the required JavaScript code. :thinking:

So I’m a bit confused about what you want us to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t implement any of it with hugo and i was able to implement on my static website (only css and html in less then 10 minutes). My problem is with the files structure in hugo (i still don’t get it).

Some things show up on my pc when i launch the hugo server, but not online, and i have no idea why. And i can’t implement any of the things i mentioned despite being really easy to implement with basic html and css.

I’m finding hugo really fast and handy because my website is growing, but really hard to start with, and yes i really want to use hugo (i don’t like wordpress) :smile: