Issue with Hugo Multilingual and NetlifyCMS content filenames

I’m integrating a Hugo multilingual website with Netlify and NetlifyCMS. Everything is running fine except for the fact that NetlifyCMS removes doesn’t support complex extensions (i.e. and only creates “safe URL” filenames, separated by ‘-’.
Is there any way to make Hugo aware of the intended language of the content file, besides adding the language extension before the file extension?

Why not ask the Netlify CMS people to fix their product?

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Thanks for the reply @bep . This issue is already being discussed in netlifycms (

I just wondered if there were any configuration options available in Hugo to use a workaround in the meantime.

All the best and thanks for the fantastic work put in Hugo

No… There is a front matter translationKey added some time ago, but that will not help you in this case.