Hosting on Netlify - When you have translation and Hugo Pipes

Hi guys,

I have been battling with this for days. I have built a hugo website that runs perfectly great on my computer but doesn’t load properly when I deploy to Netlify.

  • I am using Hugo 0.89.4-AB01BA6E + Extended version on my computer
  • I have the translation setup in Directories - English, Dutch, French.

Here is the link to my repo - GitHub - ddanawoski/
- The URLS don’t work
- The content of sections don’t open up

Please Help. I don’t know if my netlify setting is right. I have deployed a good number of sites in the past, but this is the first one that uses multilanguage

There is no baseURL set in your project’s config.

That is a mandatory parameter otherwise your project -as you found out- will not be published properly.

See: Configure Hugo | Hugo

@alexandros : Thanks. I removed the BaseURL and it magically started working. I had the BaseURL initially.

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