Is there one repo with best practices?

Is there an up to date hugo repo anywhere that covers common features you would expect in a CMS?

Myself and a couple people at my company have wasted a few days trying to find or build one static site using all of the current best practices around hugo. We started with Netlify’s popular victor-hugo repo and discovered late into the project how out of date it is.

The hugo docs focus on quickstart, but this is not helpful to discover usage in templates/content, which can be esoteric and spread across forums and inadequate documentation.

The hugo binary itself doesn’t offer much assistance in explaining why some things are 404ing, or where they’re inheriting from, etc.

This is for a custom site, so themes aren’t helpful, and some of the patterns don’t seem applicable. We’ve been struggling to figure out why some things aren’t working, or what hugo is expecting, and it’s been really difficult.

These two things would be helpful:

  1. An opinionated best practice starter with more functionality than quickstart. Javascript/css bundling, header/footer, static content, template inheritance, content separated from layout, etc. Some of hugo’s features are not intuitive, like the layouts/_default.

  2. Having an even more --verbose hugo output that would explain where it’s looking for content, why something is returning a 404, etc.

In your position I would recommend hiring some experienced Hugo dev for one or two online sessions where you can get all your questions answered.

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Maybe Hyas could be helpful: