Use case help

I developed a hugo website that deploys automatically to netlify.

This is already deployed to

However I would like to setup a new site,
The only folder that will different is the content folder.

SO here’s my question,
How do I use the SAME repo for TWO websites that have the same config/theme but Differing Content folder. I am sure this might be a git branch configuration or something.

Ultimately I would like to push updates of my themes/config files and for both sites to update with the new code, while having different content.

Example: I make a change to the default baseof.html file and it changes for sites A&B while the respective content stays the same.

Any idea how to do this?

BTW: I am using netlify hugo starter.

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There are sevral ways to do this, but I would go with the “simplest path”, I think. Keep everything in the same repo and switch content folder when running Hugo:

hugo --contentDir=A

Bep, Awesome! Thank you!