Documentation for older versions


from time to time I struggle when using the official hugo documentation with hugo v0.104.3 which I’m still using.

The official documentation reflects the current hugo version and all its available commands which might not be available in an older version.

Two ideas come to mind:

  • Keeping the documentation for older versions unchanged and offer an option to select the version and view the corresponding documentation
  • Add a marker like “requires vxxx” to new stuff so it’s visible it won’t work with older releases

Am I the only one who would find something like the suggestions mentioned above helpful?

The documentation uses “New in x.x”, like e.g. on:

not in all places. Last thing I struggled with was math.Abs and the documentation doesn’t show any information about the required version.

I’ve gone back 18 months to v0.100.0, and have added “new in” labels to methods and functions added since that time. See

We’re not going to version the documentation any time soon, nor will we retain “new in” labels forever. No one wants or needs to see a “New In v0.54.0” label.

Perhaps I’m too aggressive, but to me something that was new 12 months ago isn’t new anymore, and I think the label should be removed.

Going forward, a “new in” label will be hidden if the specified version is older than a predefined threshold, based on differences in major and minor versions. This is similar to Hugo’s deprecation logic. See details.


Hi - first of all, thanks for your work, much appreciated.

For my personal workflow, I adopted the Debian stable timeline, which offers an updated platform to work on every two years and keeps versions locked until the next update. This suits my needs better than a rolling release platform which might (and does according to my experiences) break the workflow way too often for me.

Debian 10 was released with Hugo v0.55, Debian 11 with Hugo v0.80 and Debian 12 with Hugo v0.111 - so if I understand the minorVersionDiffThreshold of correctly, 30 should be a good value to work with! :slight_smile:

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