Is it possible to have language files not in a config file, but instead in a separate file, like under data?

You can clone from v3 branch to see what I’m using now. This was sparked by a conversation here -

my config files are already large. would it make sense to switch or continue using what I am now?

  • You can have multiple config files, but you then need to specify that list when running hugo
  • There is an issue talking about “externalized config”, but that is just a planned feature

I mean basically it rules this out


Sorry, I didn’t put that right, what I meant to say is that the native multilingual mode is not ideal for this situation, then.

Right now I quite like the structure of this project: data/ has the language files, config.yml holds most of site-specific options (like whether to build posts with dates in the future, obviously the site title, what systems need to be tracked, etc) and mumbling that into one seems a bit counterintuitive.

Thanks for the reply nonetheless.