Two domains for one project

Hello. I have a site with 4 languages: FR, EN, RU, DE.
Now I want to generate to sites:

Of course, now I have one config.toml for all languages. And for me it would be convenient to save this file or connect an additional configuration file optionally.
Does anyone know how to do this?

put the differences in different files

hugo --config config.toml,ru.toml

my 2c :wink:

There is also some language support in the /config folder. See docs.

I know this method, but it isn’t comfortable for me, because I have many options in the config.

I checked docs before (like this page But I didn’t find information about custom a config file.

I understand that during the generation of the file, you can simply connect the desired configuration file. But is it possible to include an additional configuration file that will override the global settings?