Is it possible to have a post grid list with 10000 (image post) posts on the home page?

Greetings to the community. I am new to hugo and I was wondering if it is possible to have the links to 10000 posts on the homepage ?. Another solution that I am considering but that would go against hugo is to divide packages of 1000 posts each and show them randomly each time a user enters. This I imagine has a big impact on what you could pay for server?

There is no practical reason to generate a page with 10,000 post links, and is beyond the scope of #support.

I would say that there would be such use cases. But I would look into Hugo’s pagination support, and do the “endless scrolling” in JavaScript.

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Thanks for the answer @bep , I had thought about that, but in the mobile part, how much can that dynamic process affect the cost of the server? And another question, how can I condition that the posts when being listed on the homepage, use the same image and that each article shows different sections with CSS properties? Doing so would handle a single large image for the entire homepage.

I appreciate your answer @maiki I know it’s crazy but limiting ourselves to what this preset is not fun.

http 10,000 times is 40,000 characters, already an irresponsible amount of data to send to a user not expecting it, before you add any other data to the URLs. I get having fun, but your idea is bad. At least with bep’s suggestion the person is opting in to a paginated interface.

good @maiki bad or good idea is your opinion, but then it makes sense to create a single image and call it 1 time, as a sprite?

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