Example of site with 1000s of post and using goHugo?

I’m planning to jump into hugo by turning some WP news portal based clients to hugo based news portal. I already have a theme ready for that which I made just by converting a WP theme to hugo. My only question is, over time there will be 10k’s of posts. So, can hugo generate all those 10k’s post in less than a minute?

I have already made a workflow to get multiple editors and going to build a dashboard for it. I am also going to make backup of each post to mongoDB. So the workflow & articles are not going to be an issue in this case. Just the build time.

It all depends on the complexity of your data structure, taxonomies etc… A Hugo site with simple templates builds roughly 1000s page per second or so… (A lot of factors at play so hard to really say).

But, if you’re not relying on external api (getJSON) and you make good use of partialCache I’m pretty sure it should take less than a minute.

One of them being the speed of your hardware. I was pleasantly surprised about the tremendous speedups I got when I replaced my 2015 dual core MacBook / 8 GB ram with a new 8 core MacBook (16 inch) with 16 gb ram.