Where does all this come from?

Greetings to the whole community, I have been playing with Hugo for a short time, I am a novice, looking for how to solve a project that I have in mind. Install hugo with the LIVA theme from which you copy all of your sample content, plus I made 10,000 copies of your posts, to get 10,013 total posts. My project is going to build one post at a time in order to obtain 10,000 posts, which I will show on the home page. In a previous question they asked me about the madness of putting 10,000 entries on the homepage and I have thought about it a lot and one of the solutions that has occurred to me is to generate the html of the home page, minify it and publish it directly so that it is not being generated dynamically contained (does this sound valid?). But also when testing my server locally, I am concerned about the very high number of paginator pages, where all of these come from and how the number of final pages comes out in 10054 when I have not generated more content. Any help and recommendation to lighten this madness will be well received, thank you very much.

Another question that has come to me how to generate friendly urls?

 {{ define "main" }}

  <div class="container">
    <div class="row">
      {{ range first 10000 (where .Site.RegularPages "Type" "post")}}
      <div class="capsula">
        <article class="media ">

        <a class="tooltip1" href="{{ .Permalink }}" class="h5 d-block ">&nbsp
            <span class="tooltip-box">{{.Title}}</span>

      {{ end }}

<!-- /blog post -->

{{ end }}!