Is Hugo 1.0 coming soon?

I see this milestone on Github that is fast approaching:
Hugo is already very feature rich and 1.0 is more of a psychological milestone rather than a technical one. There is no limit to features that can be added and Hugo is very stable.

In case the Hugo team is planning to do a 1.0, I would request them to take a look at the API and figure out what needs to be deprecated from the longer term maintenance perspective so that we can have breakage sooner rather than later.

The Hugo v1.0 milestone with a due date for February 02, 2020, looks a tad too ambitious.

However the link to that tweet about storing open source code in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault seems like a bad idea. After all the international Svalbard Global Seed Vault got flooded a few years ago.

It seems to me that someone is having a bit of fun with Hugo’s milestones on GitHub. I wonder who? Hm… actually I don’t… LOL!


That date was set a little jokingly re this: