How can I merge two themes in one website?

Hello, guys!

So, I would like to use some plugins that Somrat Theme has and my website is an Ananke. For example: add a Resume page, just like the about, contact, etc, but Somrat based.
Is there any chance? How may I do this?

Here is a draft of my website: Data Science Portfolio | Home

Here is the theme that I would like to use with my existing website: Somrat | Hugo Portfolio Template

Hi, AFAIK, you can use two themes if you specify both in your config, like:
theme = [“theme1”, “theme2”]
In this case, when Hugo encounters something during the build process, first it tries to use the first theme, and if it doesn’t contain the required stuff (for example, a shortcode), then it tries using the second one. This might or might not work for your use case.
Another option is to find which parts of the second theme you need, and add them to the layouts folder of your site. These will override any related stuff from your theme.