Multiple themes in single site

Is there a way to use different themes for different parts of the website? I’ve been plowing through various posts, but there only seem to be workarounds.

Ideally I would like to produce a list with an entirely different theme with little or no overlap with the first theme.

You can define only ONE theme in config.x

You can try to merge themes in one new.
If the baseof.html is mostly identical, it can work.

create directories for the used sections in the new theme dir and copy the templates from the origin templates.

You have to merge the asset ans static files too.

This is NOT for a beginner! You need to understand how HUGO works.


With the above you can call different templates from two themes as needed.

Also see Hugo’s Layout Lookup Order about setting layout per pages or section (can be combined with Front Matter Cascade) so that a layout can be set for an entire Section and its children simply by setting the layout parameter in an

the DOC is not consistent here … so I missed this

there is only a string - not an array ( @bep please change it )
Configure Hugo | Hugo

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve been looking into the Theme Components and as far as I understand, one could add two themes to it. Indeed not trivial and possibly some manual work to make it fully work.

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