Integrate external sources and improve content reuse in Hugo documentation website


I head up a small team that uses Hugo to document our Fintech applications. We’re looking for a Hugo developer to improve the automation of our documentation workflows.

The specific areas we need you to focus on include:

  • Pull in content from external sources to update Hugo files: Sources are properties files in JSON / YAML, Confluence pages, and JIRA tickets.
  • Reuse content: Use shortcode/partials wizardry to enable one file to draw in changes made in another. To avoid having to copy/paste the same content.
  • Extend an existing Python script that checks for changes in the Fintech application’s code and makes the corresponding updates in the Hugo doc for that item.
  • Improve the Pandoc template we use to generate PDFs from a portion of the Hugo project.

Beyond Hugo, you can also tackle these broader tasks:

  • Tighten the integration between the APIs we use in our doc feedback process: Hypothesis (Chrome extension), JIRA, and Slack APIs.
  • Implement search across our entire documentation website which comprises around 20 separate Hugo-generated projects.

If you can help with all this, I’d welcome the chance to chat with you and explain in more detail. DM or email.

Many thanks.



Thank you for choosing Hugo for your documentation project.

With 7 years of Hugo websites development experience I can do all the tasks you have for this project.

  • External source content pulling will require some non-Hugo work. I will get this done as well. once the data is fetched in JSON, Hugo will do it’s magic
  • shortcode data fetching will again have to resort to some non-Hugo magic. I will get this done.
  • I know python but will have to revisit it for this project. I will be able to adapt to this requirement
  • I have worked on a Pandoc project before but not for PDF manipulation. I will figure this out.
  • I know PHP, Java and Go. I’ll understand and find the API integration solution
  • Search will be made coherent by in-Hugo or other options like Apache Solr

Let us connect over chat to discuss more. I’m available at 1000-1800 IST under normal work hours but can adapt for meetings in other time slots after prior notification.

Contact me

You may contact me using either:

  • email:
  • skype : panchtatvam
  • telegram : panchtatvam

Why me ?

  • Experienced Hugo developer
  • Knows PHP, Go, Java, Python
  • Fast worker
  • Competitive price
  • Regular work updates

My info

I am also available at Upwork

Please feel free to ask any questions.
Looking forward for your response.

Thank you
Akash Kumar Sharma
Delhi, Bharat

Hello @panchtatvam
Thanks for your response. I’ll contact you to discuss.

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Thank you. I look forward to it.

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