Index.xml files

What are all the index.xml files in my build directory? Is there a way to turn them off? They’re not doing any harm i just like to keep things as clean as possible.

It’s called RSS.

Not sure if it’s possible to turn it off.

Seems weird. Theres is a config setting disableRSS: false that i turned on to create my blog rss (/bog/index.xml). I guess it makes sense that it created index.xml files for each of my archetypes and categories, but it’s strange that it would also create one for every static page too (about, homepage, etc). Well not strange from a programming program perspective i could see it being easier to kitchen sink everything to rss, but strange from an end-user perspective (seeing all these useless index.xml files everywhere). But, like i said not hurting anything.

disableRSS = true doesn’t seem to do anything.

However, since this post was made there is now disableKinds, which works. The complete options in config.toml are:

disableKinds = ["taxonomy", "taxonomyTerm", "category", "sitemap", "RSS", "404", "robotsTXT", "home", "section"]

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