Disabling RSS for sections

This is really simple, and somewhat obvious, but because I couldn’t find a singular, explicit answer to the question of: “How do you disable RSS for sections?” I figured I’d share this snippet.

In your config.toml add:

  home     = ["HTML", "RSS"]
  section  = ["HTML"]

This will keep the root RSS (index.xml) for the whole site, but will disable it on a section by section basis. So you don’t end up with index.xml files in all the main section subdirectories.

This is taken from the Custom Outputs doc, which is a wee bit confusing.

Tangentially: What’s the best way to submit edits for documentation? Pull requests on the repo?

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Create a PR here:

(you can even edit the content files directly on GitHub)

I wasn’t aware we had rss feeds per section, thank you for this. :slight_smile:

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