Increased crashing on 0.75.1/extended


I upgraded to 0.75.1/extended from 0.72.x/extended several weeks ago, and have observed an uptick in errors. Unfortunately, they are errors that I’m not really able to decipher. Mysteriously, they will often simply disappear after restarting multiple times. Here’s an example

Typically, this only happens when running a dev server and watching for changes:

$ hugo -e localDev server -D -v -w -p 1313

Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone have suggestions? If not, I’m also not finding a good way to revert to previous version using Homebrew.


The error is truncated, so it’s a little hard to say 100%, but I’m pretty sure it’s this issue, which should be fixed soon:

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Thanks, @bep! Helps knowing I’m not going crazy.

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