Frequent Crashes on AWS Codebuild

I’ve been receiving frequent crashes to my build on AWS Codebuild. Please find crash logs below. I’m not familiar enough with Go to translate the logs. Is this something I’ve done wrong with my template structure, or is this something else?

Logs: Hugo Crash Logs · GitHub

Thank you!

Does your project generate when you test it locally?

Yes, though I definitely get crashes locally as well (some that appear to be the same variety). It’s less frequent, but still happens.

I suspect you have cut of the log somehow, because I don’t see the actual panic output, but I suspect (I’m guessiing a little) that this is a data race that will be fixed in the next Hugo.

@bep, it does appear I inadvertently cut off a few lines (which I’ve added to the gist):

That sounds like really good news about the fix. So this can (if all goes well) be expected in whatever is released after v0.80?

@bep, given that I frequently get crashes on this particular site, but not on several others, I suspect that I may have some inefficiencies in my templating. Could this error be exacerbated by a poorly constructed template? Any advice on diagnosing this further? Not being a Go developer, the error itself isn’t revealing much for me.