Importing an existing GoHugo site into Strapi

I often read about Strapi here (and on/at/in other SSG places) and always wanted to try using it for a website. The problem is, that it seems there is no straight way to import an existing Hugo website into Strapi. There is an API, there are JS libraries, but somehow it looks like it’s up to me (or “the user”) to import existing content or write a script that converts frontmatter into meta fields and markdown content into items.

I tend to optimise existing sites, not building new sites.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of script that takes an existing site, uses the frontmatter of all posts to create “Content Types” in Strapi and imports the site? Or am I missing something and it’s already out there somewhere and I just can’t find it or it goes over my head?

They suggest you create the content in Strapi and then use the their API to pull the content into Hugo and build the site. This is not a point and click solution to put it mildly.

I think Cloudcannon or Netifly is better suited for you.

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You are right for smaller websites (in sense of user base or editor wise), but, ehm, I think Strapi might be the solution “du jour” in my user case: I am working on getting a website from a very “corporate” company with offices all over SEA into a SSG (currently Hugo). They probably all want to edit their content by themselves, because they have little devices where they can do so. I also think we might turn their current CRM solution (hehe, an Excel spreadsheet) into an internal tool for their users. Hugo would really be only on the outside of the whole process. I could spend two weeks getting the old website into Strapi by hand. Or maybe script a solution in those 2 weeks that could be re-used.

Exactly is it possible to integrate existing hugo site with strapi to edit the contents? I think it can be done using netlify cms,forestry but can we implement that using strapi?