Help in importing a drupal 7 site to hugo

I would like to import my drupal 7 site to hugo. According to the official documentation there is a migration tool for that called drupal2hugo. Although the description only mentions migrations from drupal 6 and the repo is quite outdated (latest commits date from 2 years ago), I’ve read on other sites about having success in drupal 7 too (can’t share the link now, as I can only post two links per post).

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to install it, (visit repo’s issue #7), as I get the following error on compiling:

$ go get
go/src/ not enough arguments in call to DbMap.TraceOn
        have (string, *log.Logger)
        want (string, string, gorp.GorpLogger)

Since the repo does not seem maintained at all, I am not expecting an answer there, and that’s why I am asking here for advice/guidance on the process:

  1. Is there a better way to migrate from drupal to hugo? (I have found this other forum post with a custom script -unfortunately is so ad-hoc that modifiying it goes beyond my little programming knowledge. I haven’t found more entries on this forum).
  2. Provided drupal2hugo is the best solution, could you please guide me with the provided error? I have never used go before and I have no clue about the description.


The above error comes from the lack of vendoring of its dependencies. DbMap has changed its API. If this is a “one time conversion” for you you may cd into $GOPATH/src/ and do a git log and checkout some previous version until it works.