Imported from Jekyll, but what next?

I’ve successfully imported my jekyll site, but then I can’t seem to do much else. All the posts are in content/post as .md format. When I run the server, with the theme, I just get a blank screen. Do I need to create a page that will link to the content? I run

$ hugo server --theme=herring-cove

but just get the a basic template page with the little bit of config that I put in the config file i.e. site title and strapline.

What other steps am I missing?

You ask a very general question. Please study the docs:

Thank you for your reply. I followed the documentation this far on the part where I could import my jekyll site in. The documentation after that part is missing (unless I’m missing it).

The part about “how Hugo works and howto setup a Hugo site” is in the docs – and has nothing to do with Jekyll.

Thanks again - I already referred to that and set up a simple website with no problem. If there is something more specific to the problem, then please point me towards it, as your direction to resources is very broad.

When I tried to import in to hugo site it needed the directory to be empty (actually non-existent). So, I assumed that the import would look after mapping content over. The behaviour that Hugo is giving is different from what is expected and what is documented. Once this is completed, I’d be happy to contribute towards the documentation to improve it further.

use the verbose mode to see what happens

hugo  -v

hugo --help gives you a lot more info

Here are some useful links:

You would have found them as well if you’d asked Google…

You should link to the site, as well. Then folks can look at it and point out obvious issues.

One thing I’d look at is if your content has type set to post or something else. That can affect which templates get chosen, and some themes won’t show anything. I’ve noticed this when migrating Jekyll sites.