Implement theme as layout

I’m looking for implementing Hugo’s HUGRID theme as an additional layout for my blog (currently using Cactus-plus theme), but I know almost nothing about Hugo templating.

Should I try to code it as a layout or can I use the HUGRID theme inside cactus-plus theme for specific pages?

Themes are just a collection of templates that have a place in the lookup order. So if you are paying attention to the order, you can mix and match however you want. You’ll need to experiment to see what works.

I just realized how to implement any additional template layout to your blog / your currently theme, so I’d like to share it!

  1. So realizing you already know the single page/list duality, you can realize that, inside the layouts folder, there are _default layouts as a default template and partials for abstracting the web components.
  2. Thus, if you want to create a specific content layout, e.g. in my case I should create a hugrid folder and inside it define my template in a single.html file. Lately, any content file in the blog folder whose parent folder is hugrid will have applied this template.