Multiple themes

My site is divided into 3 sections: root (homepage, about…), /blog and /documentation.
These 3 portions being quite different in designs, my feeling is I should handle 3 themes: one for each parts of the site. However, as far as I know, Hugo only handles one theme per site.
Plus, I would like to reuse existing templates as much as I can (I would prefer not to create one theme myself, but just install existing ones for blog and docs at least).

Especially, I know I can force pages to grab a specific layout but I would love something like this:

layout = "my_theme/my_layout"

Have you ever experienced such need ? Do you have any suggestions on how to manage themes in that situation ?

NOTE: I already visited Section vs Separate Site for two different themes and older How to have two themes for different sections of a site? but I’d rather not split the site into three mini sites…

You would do something similar to the pseudo layout front-matter you posted.

Have a look at:

In Hugo, a layout is specified by a combination of type and layout. Both of these have default values. So you can change one or both to get the kind of customization you want.

Thanks for the reply !
Yes, that is a workaround. But, correct me if I am wrong, this will work only within the same theme, right ?
If I understand correctly, type and layout cannot bypass current theme and will just choose a template within theme XYZ.
However, what I need is to be able to choose from themes XYZ, ABC and RST…

Those have very little to do with the theme… it again comes down to the lookup order…

Let’s say you set the type to foo. If you have SITE/layouts/foo/single.html, it will use that for rendering that single page (even if you have SITE/themes/some-theme/layouts/foo/single.html). So if you like, you can put the custom types and layouts in your SITE/layouts/ directory, which will always take precedence over the same type/layout in any theme.

Sorry but I am not following: how will the lookup order of layouts help in my use case ?

Let’s be a bit more pragmatic one second. Say I have three pages: home, blog and doc.
Each pages respectively receives layout="home", layout="blog" and layout="doc".
As well as type="home", type="blog" and type="doc".

Now, how lookup order will go to respectively SITE/themes/HOMETHEME/layouts/HOME/single.html, SITE/themes/BLOGTHEME/layouts/BLOG/single.html and SITE/themes/DOCTHEME/layouts/DOC/single.html ?

See the problem ? I don’t see lookup order jumping through themes folders as far as I know :slight_smile: would love to though