Demystify Template and Hugo Cactus Theme

I’m using cactus theme as my first theme in hugo and I really would like to know what’s going on under the hood. In this part of the source code here, there’s a mysterious:

{{ template "_internal/disqus.html" . }}

and I can’t find any file with that name in the source files. Also in the head here, there’s more like:

{{ template "_internal/opengraph.html" . }}
{{ template "_internal/google_news.html" . }}
{{ template "_internal/schema.html" . }}
{{ template "_internal/twitter_cards.html" . }}

but where is this _internal directory. I’m new to hugo but I can see that partials refer to files that actually exist in the partials directory but these templates are hard to understand. Any help will be appreciated

Those templates are built into Hugo.

Here is a post explaining what’s going on.

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Thanks @mgmart