Image SRC broken on home page but not single page

Hi all!

I have a blog over at and I have a series of posts there. My latest post ( has an image in it using the code:

![Jen at Helicopter Hill](helicopter-hill.jpg)

and the image is stored in the leaf bundle (I think that’s the right terminology).

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 10.50.06 PM

When I view the post at the URL above, the image works properly. The problem is that I display my latest post on my home page ( and there the image URL gives a 404 because the image is relative to the current URL. vs

How do I avoid/rectify this problem?

Thank you!

I think it’s normal because when you’re on the article, the link refers directly at the image into same folder.
Your HTML Code:
<p><img src="helicopter-hill.jpg" alt="Jen at Helicopter Hill" /></p>

When this article is view on homepage, it refers at the homepage and cant find the image. Image is not on the root of homepage, but into posts/craigieburn* folder!

Attempt to deplace your image into the static/img folder, and link in your src as:
![Jen at Helicopter Hill](/img/helicopter-hill.jpg)
Normally, you will obtain good code HTML for all views!

Okay, that makes sense and I can see that will work.

If I want to use Leaf Bundles so that I can keep the images etc. of each post together, is there a good way for me to link to those assets without it breaking?

Really, I dont known, because I discorver, me too, Hugo.
Attempt to write as:


It seems that is the solution. See this other post.