I18n single template resolve lang urls


I am currently consider switching to HUGO. But I somehow struggle with how HUGO handles translations. Currently I use twig templates and Symfony to translate the templates.

So for example for an about page I would have a file about.html.twig. Then I have translation resources like en.json and de.json and my app will depending on the url:

  • ...about/en
  • ...about/de

However, it will always resolve the same about.html.twig file which only contains the translation keys.

Now I had a look at the HUGO docs. But it seems to me that HUGO does not allow to only specify one template. It seems to either require separate content directories or separate file names (file.en.md).

The other option, which seems to be what I am looking for is to use go-i18n. But somehow I could not reliably find if this solves my use case or would used differently?

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,