I18n files error

I tried this format but I got the error below for keys using other

failed to load translations: expected value for key "test-key" be a string but got map[string]interface
menu = "Menu"
other = "Test Key"
hugo v0.123.0-DEV+extended windows/amd64 BuildDate=unknown

I am unable to reproduce the problem with the provided example. What else is in the file?

Perhaps you using one of the reserved key names as discussed here:

On an unrelated note, avoid using anything but letters, numbers, and underscores in key names. It’s a good habit, allowing you to do things like my.dot_chained.identifier. That wouldn’t work with a hyphen.


description was the culprit. Was using it to translate site description

I am not a fan of underscores in file or key names. But in this case, I will follow your advice.

In the data directory, you must use underscores because this fails:

{{ site.Data.some-file.foo }}

I am aware of data files coz I encountered the same issue months back. I went with numbers instead.

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